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  • Developed as sled dogs by the Chukchi tribe of northeast Asia  

  • Colors: red and white, black and white, grey and white, all black, all white and piebald (spotted – rare)

  • Double coated

  • Eyes: blue, green, brown, black, parti-colored, or each eye a different color (bi-eyed)

  • Weight: Males 45-60 pounds; females 35-50 pounds

  • Built for speed and endurance

Siberian Huskies love being with people and other dogs, and working in large teams in activities such as mushing (runners on snow) and carting (wheels on dry ground). Because they are so social, it is important they be part of the family and not relegated to the back yard. A lonely Sibe is a miserable Sibe who will try escape to find a “pack” to be with and cry, scream, bark, howl to be rescued from their “abandonment”.
Siberians are working dogs – meaning they need a job. They are born to pull and run — and can do so with heavy loads for long distances. Without stimulation, they become easily bored. The results of their boredom can include digging up your garden, running down the street onto a freeway, jumping a six-foot fence, or otherwise making or getting into trouble.
Additionally, because they are so smart Sibes will begin to mimic people. They have been known to learn how to open doors, gates, and refrigerators by watching people do it. It is critical not to let your Siberian run loose! It is in their genes to run long distances and fast! Lots of exercise and stimulation is key.
With Siberians, “obedience is optional.” Huskies are extremely intelligent and may not want to do what you say. So, if you want a dog who will be at your beck and call, get a Golden Retriever! A Siberian is not the dog for you. They work with you, not for you. This independent behavior comes from a long history of being entrusted with a musher’s (and other team members’) lives. If a musher tells a dog to go right, but the dog (having superior canine senses) knows the ice there will crack, the dog disobeys and goes to the left and safety. A savvy Sibe person recognizes the dog’s instincts and is grateful.

If you want a challenge, pair up with a Siberian Husky or two. Your life will never be the same… and you’ll be very glad! They will put a smile on your face with their antics!

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