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The first step is to do your research on the breed. They are not like other dogs and are not for everyone. Once you are sure you can handle a Nordic breed dog for the next 10-15 years proceed to the next step.

Please note we do not adopt to families with children under the age of 8 yearsold or homes with small animals or farm animals.


Adoption Questionnaire

If you are considering adoption, we will ask you to fill out an adoption questionnaire. You may find some of the questions a little strange, but they are very important to us in helping you find the right dog. Many people are surprised by how rigorous we are when matching people to dogs, and even if you, and your family, are capable of taking care of these special dogs. The breed is known for being great escape artists, as well as very prey driven. They are NOT typical dogs. We want to try to make sure it is a good fit for you and the dog.


It’s a Family Affair -

Meet & Greet the Dogs 

 We find it important to include your entire family when meeting a potential dog you are considering for your family. We also encourage you to bring your own dog(s) to meet with a dog you may like, and see if they agree with a dog you like. This is especially important, because some of these dogs have had very difficult lives, and may not be comfortable with certain other dogs. 


Adoption Contract

If you decide you want to adopt, and we have approved you for a northern breed, you will be asked to sign an Adoption Contract. Once the signed contract is received from you and the adoption fee received, we will sign and send you a completed copy of the contract, medical records and we microchip the dog for you.

NorSled Dogs


Adoption fees range from $250 - $500.


Our dogs available for adoption are: 

  • Spayed or Neutered

  • Rabies, Bordetella, Leptospirosis, DHLPP vaccines

  • Heartworm test

  • Fecal test

  • Microchipped

  • Fitted with a limited slip mushing collar

  • Tagged with an ID that is maintained in a database

  • Seen by a veterinarian if medical care is needed

  • Behaviorist/Dog Trainer if needed

NorSled will pull dogs from shelters with treatable medical conditions. We nurse them and get them the veterinary care they need while finding them homes. In recent times we have treated dogs for conditions ranging from torn knee ligaments, heartworm and hookworm, to broken bones and gunshot wounds.

There is an adoption fee which goes towards vaccinations, heartworm, spay/neutering, micro-chipping, and medical care if needed. Fees help with kenneling, food, collars, leashes, sometimes even toys, and possibly the use of a dog trainer to help with behavior problems. These fees all go towards helping the dogs. We are an all-volunteer organization, with no paid staff. You don’t get this kind of full service and care when “buying” a new dog. Your new dog will come to you altered, micro-chipped, and vaccinated. Now all you need to do is get ready to meet your new best “fur”ever friend.

NorSled reserves the right to refuse to adopt.



Check out available dogs looking for their forever home and start your inquiry.

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