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Yes we're overfull and yes we are packed to the gills, but this little girl's story touched my heart. the very caring woman who found the pup had been trying to get a good home for the dog since October.

I asked wonderful rescue pal Audrey Beil if she could negotiate getting the dog and bring her to Concord. BAM done.

How could we turn her down? She's very petite, quite young and very affiliative. She cried when Audrey left - got attached in 48 hours. I named the dog Audrey after her great rescuer. Hoping I've secured a foster home - does well with other dogs. (Some of my dogs inadvertently got out into the patio with her and she was fine with all of them).

Give this little pup a chance - she's so worthy, cute and ready!!! This little pup is so sweet, friendly - just wants to be loved.

About a year old and very beautiful - meet Audrey. she was a hit at the vet today and got her vaccines and chip like a little champion.

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