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Thank you for wanting to foster or adopt a husky from NorSled, we are having to take things slower due to the Covid-19 virus, we are only accepting applications to foster or adopt from  previous/experienced  husky owners.  


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THEO NEEDS YOUR HELP!! Very important news about our sweet four-month-old pup from Earlimar who was hit by a car and pretty bashed up:

Dr. Marina Manahirova is very confident about all the procedures needed. Herewith:

10/5/2020 - first off, his right elbow is luxated. she hopes to get away with a close/reduce/splint procedure. if that goes well and if the elbow stays in place.

She will tackle the most difficult segment the humeral (top of front leg) break which is very involved. alas this bad break has started to heal and although it is not a "bad" fracture it is displaced enough that plate and screws will be needed.

Another break back leg but also will need plate and screws. ugh a three-fer

10/6/2020 - if all goes well, she needs to suture closed the upper lip where there is a gap and food can get stuck. She will also neuter him.

All of this will be VERY expensive, the most NorSled will have spent on anyone pup, but he is so worth it.

This pup has a lot going for him - he was taken into Norsled and Sage vet as soon as we found out about him. NorSled has committed 110 percent to his recovery and he stands to have a great life when this is done. We have foster care for him with a great adopter who will shower him with love, care and attention. Theo is now in a foster home recovering from several surgeries and doing well.

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         THANK YOU!