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Thank you for wanting to foster or adopt a husky from NorSled, we are having to take things slower due to the Covid-19 virus, we are only accepting applications to foster or adopt from  previous/experienced  husky owners.  


Valentines Online Silent Auction


ENDS 7:00 PM TONIGHT 2/20/2021.

NorSled is having a first.... a Valentine Day online silent auction. It starts 2/10/2021 and ends 2/20/2021. Proceeds from the auction will go towards the many cases we take in of dogs needing very special and expensive surgery.  We hope you find something of interest to bid on.  Remember, bid often, bid generously! 

If you would like to donate instead, please use one of the donate buttons on this page..  To see what we have to auction, click on the red auction button.  Items can be picked up Antioch/Concord area or shipped.

Silent Auction





NorSled's second major special needs case in less than a month!

Gypsy got out from her home, got hit by a car. The owners did nothing so the leg necropsied (beyond infected) and the humans dumped her at the shelter. On January 29. Stockton did an amputation which became quite infected.

The JUNOTRK made an emergency and fast trip to Stockton and picked up Gypsy. She is now at Sage. Gypsy was on IV fluids, septic and in very bad shape post-surgery. Day 3 at Sage and b aby steps. Every day is a bit better. Poor Gypsy is now off fentanyl and on gabapentin (much less harsh on the system). still on drips of Lidocaine, antibiotics and anti-nausea meds. She still will not let you touch much of her body but vet techs have been successfully feeding her, and she's eating progressively better.

Gypsy's wound looks progressively better with some edema but the incision is red indicating no necropsy and healthy tissue. The bruising is lessening and the techs were actually able to get a sling on her without her biting - big step forward. Maybe she will start walking slowly soon. This girl is and has been in so much pain I would imagine anything touching her body creates a reaction. It will take time and TLC



Introducing our first Special Needs dog in NorSled Rescue of 2021. Meet Shepsky, from the  City of Stockton Animal Shelter. She s a German Shepherd  / Husky mix. 


Shepsky came to NorSled with shattered bones in her legs and projectile metal pieces in her body. She was found walking around rural Stockton with TWO broken legs (both radius and ulna broken) and with shrapnel in her as well and was first taken to the Stockton Animal Shelter. Likely she was not securely and safely contained at her home and went out and found some livestock and the farmer took a few shots, but thankfully missed her heart and her head.

Once in the care of NorSled, Shepsky immediately was taken to one of NorSled’s veterinary hospitals for emergency surgery and came thru the surgery "OKAY" - it turns out that whoever shot her, hit her back leg and there are several broken bones there, and the gunshot went thru the FRONT leg breaking several bones there. So that's why there was shrapnel and projectile metal in both legs. Surgery was performed on two shattered radii, two shattered ulna and an "ankle." She also had a wound on her other back leg, but looks superficial. Surgery was very expensive, but turned out to be a much better alternative than possible amputation.

She will be in a solid cast front and back legs and needs to be restrained for at least 4-6 weeks. She is now resting comfortably in one of our caring foster homes for her recovery period. Once she has fully recuperated, she will be available for adoption through NorSled.