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Saber will be joining NorSled Monday January 25th. Saber has a badly injured leg. He will be taken straight to a specialist vet to see what options there are. Hopefully his leg can be saved. More will be posted on Saber after he joins the NorSled team.

He is one of several special needs dogs we have taken in recently and our medical bills for this month is very high. We are hoping for help from the public to defer some of the cost of Saber’s medical care. More on that will be posted once he has been seen by the vet and we know what type of surgery will be needed. Stay tuned! SaberSaber1


Woofy is recovering very nicely and doing really well in his foster home.  We hope to put him up for adoption soon. woofy1

NorSled was contacted about a large and very sweet boy who had a broken leg and needed immediate rescue and medical care. So yes NorSled quickly took him in.

Woofy was immediately taken to Sage where they determined he had a badly broken leg. Surgery on Woofy’s broken leg was more complicated than expected. The injury was several weeks old and there was much “stuff” to remove from the bones and it entailed a lot of clean up. Both the radius and ulna were broken and required plating and extensive pinning (lots of stainless steel non-locking screws were apparently employed!). This dog had clearly been in a lot of pain – unable to use the leg, causing his whole body to hunch over.

It is pretty sickening to think he dealt with this injury so long. During the same surgical procedure, he also got neutered and a nasty set od dew claws removed.  He is still recovering at Sage.

Containment for a number of weeks will be required of course and will need some special TLC.  This is a class act dog. It is very clear that this dog was badly abused.  When you put your hand out to attach the leash, he literally drops to the ground like he was going to be hit.

Woofy’s surgery and after care is very expensive. If you would like to make a year end tax deductible donation to help with Woofy’s medical care, he will greatly appreciate the support and love.




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Maddies Pet Adoption Days 2015

Thanks to Maddie’s Fund for all their support and very generous grants from 2013 – 2015.  We saved more animals because of your generosity.