Attention Husky & Malamute Friends

Greetings Norsledders and Northern Breed lovers worldwide – If you follow Norsled on our Facebook page, our website, or my Facebook page, you know the amazing work we do saving and rehabbing beautiful huskies and malamutes. In the recent past we have handled broken legs (which cost $7000 to repair), amputated legs, heartworm treatments (many hundreds of  dollars), nerve  damaged feet ($5000), pulmonary issues amid numerous other huskies totally worth saving and bringing back to  health.

We charge only $400 for an adoption fee for each dog. In addition to any and all special work, we also make sure every health issue is  cared for, and our dogs are neutered/spayed, completely up to date   on all shots, microchipped, heartworm tested, bathed and groomed and, in general, have the best possible care. All of this costs more money than we are able to recover through the adoption fees. We do not come close to breaking even. We do not want to raise our   adoption fees, we aren’t interested in making a lot of money, and we continue to reach out to many organizations who can help, but we primarily depend on individual donations to continue saving the dogs.

An option to support NorSled without the huge impact on your budget of a one-time donation, although those are wonderful as well, is to consider allocating a regular monthly donation via PayPal – your bank takes a certain amount out of your balance each month, effortlessly. We have numerous folks doing this program. It is painless, you don’t have to think about it, and it gives us a monthly income to depend on. Go to and click on any “subscribe” button. From there you can designate the amount you want to donate monthly to our medical care fund.

Thank you to those of you already donating monthly. Much appreciated.

Another Great Idea….

Does your workplace offer matching funds? Enlisting your company’s help would double your donation to NorSled – an easy way for you to maximize your gift. Your contribution to NorSled has a profound  impact which allows us to continue rescuing huskies and malamutes, and it is tax deductible. Thank you from me  and all of us at  NorSled.  Gail de Rita

 PIGGYGo to our Donate tab if you would like to help.

mpad2015-badge (1)Maddies Adoption Days

Maddies Pet Adoption Days 2015

Thanks to Maddie’s Fund for all their support and very generous grants from 2013 – 2015.  We saved more animals because of your generosity.