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This baby must have been hit by more than one car over a few days! Left out on the street.


Update on our boy OTTO - he is home from his intensive surgical stay at IronHorse VetCare. Thanks to Dr. Jamie Wignall who took him thru a very tricky and difficult surgery. He got three pieces of the broken leg bone screwed together on a plate - about 6+ screws! and the tendon attaching the patella was torn in half. That was also repaired. An issue is the toes on the other foot - this pup was apparently involved in THREE separate encounters with a moving vehicle. He's just a lucky boy. The large toe on his back right paw is infected, several others are crushed from an old injury. He will be carefully watched and given special treatment for the next 4-6 weeks with vet visits scattered throughout. thanks to Maria Dhindsa for taking him into for R&R. Please help us help this pup and contribute via our website NorSled Rescue. your support will really make a difference, and all donations are so appreciated.


This Husky mix boy of 7 months and 25 lbs was HIT BY A CAR... his little body shattered.

California Highway Patrol (CHP) picked him up and brought him to the Stanislaus shelter in Modesto, CA. He was stabilized while an EMERGENCY RESCUE PLEA was sent as this boy needed major help...

 Broken left-rear leg.

 Broken toes right-rear foot.

 Over 25+ staples to close a huge gash.

 Road rash all over his lil body.

NorSled took him in and named him Otto. Otto was taken directly to the vet. He had surgery 6/6/24 and they were able to save his leg. The bone was broken in three places, plus he has damage to the toes on his right foot.We hope that his toes heal as he will need that leg and toes to help him when he is able to stand and walk. Then there are multiple gashes all over his body. He will be recuperating for a while to come. Please consider donating to help with the expensive surgery and medical care. Thank you

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