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Abby's Sponsorship Page

Abby has been in her foster home since December 2021. She had a 3-year-old bite on her side, was only 37 pounds and you could not touch or interact with her.  Abby has since had surgery to remove the infected tissue/clean the area of her old bite wound and now fully recovered, recently receiving a clean bill of health from the vet.

As a 7-year-old, AKC Siberian Husky, Abby needs a slow-moving house as she loves to lounge on the couch.  She is now 43 pounds and has adjusted well to her foster home. She now loves snuggles (she is super cuddly), playing with other dogs (no observed aggression towards anyone or animal and interacts well with other dogs), going to the dog park and going for walks.  With lots of love, understanding, patience and sympathy Abby is in a much better place. 

Abby is now looking for a new foster home or even better, a furever home! 

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