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3yrs old

Husky/German Shepherd mix, 70 pounds

Adult only home



Comet is a big handsome sweetie with captivating blue eyes, who loves being petted and scratched and is always up for playing. He has a lot of energy, curiosity and intelligence. Comet can sit, stay, lie down, leave it, and shake on command. He will fetch a couple of times but can get easily distracted. He responds to "no" by backing away, sitting and waiting for other commands. He is leash trained but still pulls at times when excited and is also crate trained and does very well in the car for long trips. He loves playing tug o war with other dogs or adults. He enjoys toys and frequently plays by himself by throwing toys up and chasing after them or simply chasing his tail and cracking everyone up. He gets along with other dogs very well and would benefit from having another similar sized dog in his forever home to learn from and to model calm behavior. He will try to ease his way onto furniture to be closer to his humans but gets down on the first command. He will form a close bond with his adult and sleep on their feet so he doesn’t miss a thing. He is very quiet for a husky but his talking is very entertaining if he gets going. He gives lots of kisses and has very silly faces when relaxed and happy.


Comet has come a long way in the last year and needs strong guidance and supervision around mealtimes although he eats somewhat slowly and calmly for a dog. He will back away from food if instructed to leave it or a simple no. He will drop toys if instructed. He is very trainable with treats but has a limit to the length of training sessions and sometimes needs to be told multiple times to follow directions. He also does not like to be guided by the collar so working on trust with him. Comet has good recall by name but does get carried away like any other young dog, especially with other dogs around. 

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