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Calypso's Sponsorship Page

Calypso was two days away from giving birth in an overcrowded, noisy shelter when NorSled rescued her. She was able to give birth and raise her puppies in a foster home. Now that all of her puppies have found their furever home, it is Calypso’s turn.

She is a friendly, affectionate, 2-3 year old, petite husky mix. She is incredibly trusting of people, in spite of signs of neglect in her former life. Even though she had known her foster mom for only a couple of days, she trusted her around the puppies. She loves to spend time with her foster family. She also gets along great with the dogs in her foster home, as long as they don’t get close to her food bowl. Simple fix - she eats in a different room.

She has excellent husky skills, including bolting out open doors, running long distances, and chasing small critters. Currently, she is getting extra puppy food daily to help her regain the weight and nutrients that she lost from nursing seven puppies. She is mostly house-trained, knows sit, and rides well in the car. Calypso is an absolute gem and will bring lots of laughs and love to her new family.

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