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Cascade's Sponsorship Page

This is Cascade, the lead of the mushing team.


This gorgeous and extremely smart boy is ready to help you train for the marathon as long as you are okay with getting silver (Cascade always gets gold!)


When Cascade is full of energy he is a rambunctious happy pup but after a few laps, calm arrives and he will be happy to lay on your lap and spend some time just chilling. He is a fast learner and will work for treats and belly rubs. 


Cascade is happy to meet other dogs, he is a lover not a fighter, but he is also not a push over so he will stand his ground if the other dog tries to push the boundaries.  Cascade will do extremely well with a very active family with older children.


Come meet Cascade!! 


Please note we do not adopt to folks with small animals or to families with children under 8 years old.

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