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Big Maya's Sponsorship Page
Big Maya

Big Maya is a female, Siberian Husky, approximately 6 years old. She is a very sweet dog that loves pets, knows sit and paw, takes treats very nicely, walks pretty well on leash and food motivated. 

Big Maya is a big happy husky girl. She is always excited to meet new people and get some cuddles. She is easily motivated and will perform for treats, her favorite trick is turning your hand into a slobbery mess by gently taking treats off your hand. She walks well on the leash but be careful, Big Maya is a strong opinionated pup and when she wants to investigate her surroundings you’ll need a strong arm to keep her moving.
 Maya is happy to interact with other dogs in her own terms but will stand her ground when she has had enough and she has a low tolerance level.  She loves to swim and do zoomies!
Big Maya is ready for a forever home, preferably as an only dog or with a low energy or older dog that won’t test her patience.


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