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This was the day Cathy dropped Ronin off with our close friends when I had surgery. She had Bo to play with but she chose to be at the gate all day waiting for my return to pick her up. She only ate part of her breakfast (Chicken). Cathy got her that night. The next day she brought Ronin into the hospital to visit me. I was suppose to be discharge that day but I refused to allow it because of complications (Unsafe Discharge Regulation). Ronin did not want to leave to go home until I gave her a hug & kiss telling to take care of Cathy. Thee next day Cathy brought her back. She stayed all day in my room until I was discharged. She would not go with Cathy to the car. So she joined the Nurse & I in a wheelchair as my escort to the car. Gail: At a Time when I was hurting so bad from the loss of Kayla you gave me the most precious gift a human being can give. Checking out Ronin as a potential service dog partner was that gift that I will always remember along with the adoption Sierra years ago. Ronin has so many passed on traits of Missy, Sierra, & Kayla as well of her own that are sometimes funny and comforting during my daily life experiences.ronin

IMG_0493   Blizzard and Dayze

Blizzard was the first, being adopted at Pets on Broadway in Walnut Creek spring 2004. I am happy to report he is as loving and happy as ever. He has mellowed with age, but is still very active and loves walking the neighborhood and playing with the neighbor’s pit bulls. When they come over he has this amazing burst of energy… it is such a joy to see him playing and keeping up with dogs half his age. He sings every morning when I leave for work… his singing is well known (and loved) by the neighbors. We believe he is around 14 years old now.
Dayze was one of “Gail’s girls”. We came across her at an adoption event at the Pet Food express in Concord a month later. Having no intention of adopting a second dog, Blizzard claimed her and within a week she too came home. She has been amazing! She is protective of children, especially our nephew Jayson, who came home from the hospital and became part of the pack at a week old. When Jayson was 6 months old, he became seriously ill and was diagnosed with a seizure condition. While he and my sister lived with us, Dayze became his protector, warning us of seizures before they happened and sleeping outside his door every night until they moved. Jayson is 8 now, and he and Dayze still share a very special bond. I often say she is Jay’s dog that lives with me. Now she takes care of our turtles and the neighbor’s visiting pit bulls, always the referee when she thinks the play gets too rough. We believe she is probably 12 or 13 now.
IMG_0503 I just wanted to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to have both of them in our lives. We have been through some tough times as a family, but these two amazing companions have been the most amazing gift anyone could ask for!







IMG_7700The Story of Winnie

Winnie was the last of three Norsled adoption dogs we met that special day last year just before the 4th of July. Gail had warned us that Winnie’s energy level was off the charts, so we looked at the other two first as the safest bet. Before we formally met Winnie we got a glimpse of her in full animation mode when Gail treated her and the other dogs in their respective kennel areas to a raw chicken leg. Winnie almost levitated in excitement. She was high-tuned and supercharged, and according to Gail very intelligent. We met each of the first two dogs in a separate, get-acquainted area of the kennel. They were wonderful dogs and we were trying to decide which one to take home. Then Winnie came bursting in to meet us. She started licking us, looked at us directly in the eyes, and used all of her many charms to convince us that we were a match. She had no hesitation whatever. We were smitten and felt an immediate attachment. But we wondered whether we were up to the task of taking on Winnie and the challenges she had faced in her young life. Winnie head shot
Gail had told us the story of Winnie’s background as a stray who was rescued with one of the worst ever cases of demodex. Although her fur was growing back, we could see the damage it had caused. She had undergone months of treatment to deal with the open sores and lesions over much of her body. Her immune system had been severely compromised, and her fur remained sparse and we could see the scabs underneath. Her poor tail was a scraggly thing (see picture attached). And then we had to consider how to handle that boundless energy. We decided to take a chance on Winnie. We could see that she was a special dog just to have survived.

Winnie arrived at our peaceful home and immediately made it her own. If anything, her energy level seemed to increase as she ran around the house as if it were an open field. We tried to calm her down but did not have much luck. We began to wonder if we had made a huge mistake and expressed our concern to Gail. “Don’t be overwhelmed by her”, Gail replied in a matter-of-fact manner that gave us some comfort that things would get better. We are so lucky to have gotten over that initial hurdle. Winnie has turned out to be the most wonderful dog. She still has energy to burn but now channels that it into daily hikes in the Berkeley Hills and visits to dog parks. She is always looking to play with another dog. She has a special skill at figuring out how to entice almost any dog — young or old, big or small — to play with her. She is so loving and sweet, giving us back much more than we can give her. We continue to be amazed at how well she has settled in to her new life. She is the sweetest dog by far that either of us have ever known

It brings a smile and a tear to our eyes when we think about Winnie’s past and the dog she is today. We had no idea that she could be so sweet and loving. And her coat is now fully grown in and she is absolutely beautiful (picture attached). We will be forever grateful to Gail and the foster moms that brought Winnie back from the abyss.Thank you so very much – By Alan Weiss