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Aspen1I wanted to reach out and update you on our wonderful giant Malamute that we adopted from you guys about a year ago.  His name at the time was “Legend” he was about 10 mos old.  He now has a new name, Aspen.  We named him after a campground that we love to camp at in the Sierras.  It seemed appropriate as we all love him dearly and he has become such a part of our family.  I cant imagine life without him.  He’s doing wonderfully, so sweet and a happy, goofy boy.  He is now almost 2 and weighs about 111lbs.  His favorite thing is to swim in the river on a hot day, run at the beach and hike in the redwoods.  Thank you again for all the good work you do.  Many Blessings.   Heather AzimAspen


IMG_0493   Blizzard and Dayze

Blizzard was the first, being adopted at Pets on Broadway in Walnut Creek spring 2004. I am happy to report he is as loving and happy as ever. He has mellowed with age, but is still very active and loves walking the neighborhood and playing with the neighbor’s pit bulls. When they come over he has this amazing burst of energy… it is such a joy to see him playing and keeping up with dogs half his age. He sings every morning when I leave for work… his singing is well known (and loved) by the neighbors. We believe he is around 14 years old now.
Dayze was one of “Gail’s girls”. We came across her at an adoption event at the Pet Food express in Concord a month later. Having no intention of adopting a second dog, Blizzard claimed her and within a week she too came home. She has been amazing! She is protective of children, especially our nephew Jayson, who came home from the hospital and became part of the pack at a week old. When Jayson was 6 months old, he became seriously ill and was diagnosed with a seizure condition. While he and my sister lived with us, Dayze became his protector, warning us of seizures before they happened and sleeping outside his door every night until they moved. Jayson is 8 now, and he and Dayze still share a very special bond. I often say she is Jay’s dog that lives with me. Now she takes care of our turtles and the neighbor’s visiting pit bulls, always the referee when she thinks the play gets too rough. We believe she is probably 12 or 13 now.
IMG_0503 I just wanted to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to have both of them in our lives. We have been through some tough times as a family, but these two amazing companions have been the most amazing gift anyone could ask for!







IMG_7700The Story of Winnie

Winnie was the last of three Norsled adoption dogs we met that special day last year just before the 4th of July. Gail had warned us that Winnie’s energy level was off the charts, so we looked at the other two first as the safest bet. Before we formally met Winnie we got a glimpse of her in full animation mode when Gail treated her and the other dogs in their respective kennel areas to a raw chicken leg. Winnie almost levitated in excitement. She was high-tuned and supercharged, and according to Gail very intelligent. We met each of the first two dogs in a separate, get-acquainted area of the kennel. They were wonderful dogs and we were trying to decide which one to take home. Then Winnie came bursting in to meet us. She started licking us, looked at us directly in the eyes, and used all of her many charms to convince us that we were a match. She had no hesitation whatever. We were smitten and felt an immediate attachment. But we wondered whether we were up to the task of taking on Winnie and the challenges she had faced in her young life. Winnie head shot
Gail had told us the story of Winnie’s background as a stray who was rescued with one of the worst ever cases of demodex. Although her fur was growing back, we could see the damage it had caused. She had undergone months of treatment to deal with the open sores and lesions over much of her body. Her immune system had been severely compromised, and her fur remained sparse and we could see the scabs underneath. Her poor tail was a scraggly thing (see picture attached). And then we had to consider how to handle that boundless energy. We decided to take a chance on Winnie. We could see that she was a special dog just to have survived.

Winnie arrived at our peaceful home and immediately made it her own. If anything, her energy level seemed to increase as she ran around the house as if it were an open field. We tried to calm her down but did not have much luck. We began to wonder if we had made a huge mistake and expressed our concern to Gail. “Don’t be overwhelmed by her”, Gail replied in a matter-of-fact manner that gave us some comfort that things would get better. We are so lucky to have gotten over that initial hurdle. Winnie has turned out to be the most wonderful dog. She still has energy to burn but now channels that it into daily hikes in the Berkeley Hills and visits to dog parks. She is always looking to play with another dog. She has a special skill at figuring out how to entice almost any dog — young or old, big or small — to play with her. She is so loving and sweet, giving us back much more than we can give her. We continue to be amazed at how well she has settled in to her new life. She is the sweetest dog by far that either of us have ever known

It brings a smile and a tear to our eyes when we think about Winnie’s past and the dog she is today. We had no idea that she could be so sweet and loving. And her coat is now fully grown in and she is absolutely beautiful (picture attached). We will be forever grateful to Gail and the foster moms that brought Winnie back from the abyss.Thank you so very much – By Alan Weiss

Well I’ve had Alfie for six months now and I thought this would be a good time to follow up on him. To start what a great,Alfie2 loving, energetic, caring and special dog he is. He has become a great addition to the family and the entire neighborhood. UPS, Fed Ex and the mailman love him as do all the dog walkers who pass my house. The quail have become thinner trying to avoid being eaten by his constant chasing. He had been quilled and skunked and avoids those critters willingly. He lives in the water in and out of the creek and the ponds. Being a surfer dog from San Jose he has adapted to Reno’s snowy winters getting the thickest coat I’ve ever seen. He has only escaped three times, once being in the great fire that engulfed Reno a few months back. I’ve reinforced the fence and so far containment. He loves riding in the care and chewing all my he’s not St. Alfie but fun and exciting to have.

He is a lover of humanity, dark, white, fat, thin, male or female, old or young… greeting all with a jump and kiss. He never bites but has a loving nibble to get attention. He has taken to my other wounded husky giving her love and companionship. I am so lucky to have found him and grateful to his foster parents Jerica  and Patrick Guidry.. What terrific people they are. But mostly I’m grateful to Norsled for watching out for abused animals and having a venue for their adoption. Keep up the good work.


Jon Price, owned by Alfie the Great




March 2012

I have heard from previous dog owners that you will “know it” when you find your dog. Little did my family and I know that their advice was true. When a skinny and dingy looking Husky/German Shepherd mix named Luna (formerly Jewel) leaned against me and had shown her belly to me, we instantly fell in love with her. All those “requirements” you want in a dog were out of the door, we adopted her right there; regardless of the fact we did not know her history and had just received surgery. With LOVE, you take the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY.

Now, if you are also a loyal dog lover then you know the saying, “A rescued dog will show you everyday how thankful they are.” Slowly we started to see Luna breaking out of her shell. From digging her first bone, taking a full week to play with a chew toy for the first time, and learning that there was a meal coming every night. With all this, she gained a healthy ten pounds; her coat became thick, lustrous, and gained new social skills with all the training our family had put in.

Two years after her adoption, Luna enjoys running daily at the local park, Oyster Bay. Chasing rabbits and befriending every dog…even those who aren’t highly social, which their parents are so grateful. If Luna isn’t running like a cheetah, she is playing like a puppy, and enjoying the many homemade treats we make for her.

I want to thank Norsled for giving another chance to the “happiest dog” and giving us another happy addition to our family. Luna really brings life into our house every day.

-Alma, Claudia, Diana, and Manuel

Noah and Shelley

Noah and ShelleyNoah Denali and Shelley Winters came into my life after I lost my great samoyed loves, Chance and Connor. The loss left a huge pit of sadness and the only way it could possibly start to fill with meaning was to adopt Northern dogs again. Noah turned out to be the gentleman of all siberian huskies, gentle, kind, loving, patient, yet joyously playful and physically strong. Shelley is a boisterous clown with a huge voice and a champion’s leaping ability, years later she still clears the floor like a kangaroo in ecstatic anticipation of food, glorious food. And she’s a great ball player, I think she likes spending as much time in the air as she can. Together, they’re a wonderful combination of personalities and attitudes, very close and cooperative. They hit it off the moment they met and we became a happy pack the minute as soon as we started our trip home. When I’m away from the “den” they hang out together and keep each other company, dreaming dog dreams of journeys and adventures large and small. I can’t imagine life without them, my sweet canine kids.

Love from,
Susan and the furries



Kona at HomeBianca is doing well. She has gotten comfortable in her new home, knows the routine and has her favorite spots to hangout. She comes to work with me most days and usually sits outside on the large enclosed patio outside my office, watching the world around her intently. She used to sit by my feet at first, but is more comfortable now being on her own.

AvalancheShe is still on her meds which we refilled at the vet a few weeks ago. They have helped her steady out a lot. She is now ok, and under control if left alone in the yard or the house for a few hours at a time (though she scolds us most profusely when we come home!) She loves her daily walks, enjoys sitting on a chaise lounge for hours at a time watching the birds and the bees in the back yard, and hides out in her dog house when someone is using the hose! She does not eat much and as such is at the low end of her weight range, but seems happy and healthy. We have offered her dozens of types of dog food (wet and dry) but she turns up her nose at them. So, we’ve been feeding her cooked chicken and stir fried ground beef, with chicken strip chews for dessert.

She is still so pretty, has a sweet and gentle nature and is really well behaved and trained. She is quite beautiful to look at, and people stop on the street and visit with her. But her real love is for children, who love to pet her and she is so kind and gentle and polite to them they love her. I cannot imagine why anyone would give her up!



Kona at HomeHello, we have been meaning to write Avalanche’s success story for a while now, and every time we sit down and stare at the computer monitor we are flooded with the great memories that we have created and shared with him. And it seems like every time we are at the computer it gets harder and harder to try to decide which one’s to write down because they have all been very memorable.

For me, being his dad, the most memorable one has been, the night, when he literally saved my life. It was ten thirty at night and it was stormy and there was a strong wind blowing. I took him for a walk and then to his rest room spot, which by the way he didn’t want to go, and all of the sudden out of no where he starts pulling and trying to drag me as if I was a sled and he was mushing. All of this was strange to me, because to that point in time he had never pulled or tried to get away from me so I tried calming him down but to no avail. Then with one last strong pull and believe me when I say strong he yanks on the leash and pulls me like his life depended on it and little did I know that he was trying to save my life and that it was my life that depended on him because three seconds after he had pulled me this big and I mean BIG tree branch falls out of no where on the same exact spot that I had just been in. I looked at Avalanche and he seemed to have this expression on his face, “see you dummy I was trying to help you out and you were over here trying to tell me everything is fine thinking that I was acting up because of the storm”. I went home looked at my family and told them what had just happened and that I loved them. Ever since that night we have developed a strong bond and it’s the most amazing thing in the world.

King AvalancheMy wife Juanita has a strong bond with him too, at first it seemed like he only wanted to be with me but little by little they started falling for each other. He waits for her by the door all day when she is at work. He walks her to the restroom and waits for her in the living room while she is taking a shower, brushing her teeth, or just getting ready for the day, oh and he helps her cook too, by cooking I mean eating the food that falls to the ground . Every morning he wakes her up with lots of kisses and the occasional jumping on her and sleeps next to her by her feet through out the night.

The first week he was home he broke out of the kennel while we were at work, and decided it would be a good thing to open the patio glass sliding door and get out to roam around Salinas. Luckily our neighbors down the street got him and gave us a call, I left work in a hurry and picked my baby boy up as fast as I could, hugged him and broke down upset thinking that he didn’t want to be with us, then he goes and saves my life boy was I wrong to doubt he wanted to be with us.

AvalancheHe is very unique, when we drove up to Vallejo for an adoption fair we really went in the hopes of adopting Natalia, Norsled had provided plenty of details on her on the website. However, she was quickly adopted and we were losing hope that we would find a dog that day. To our surprise our ‘son’ showed up in a mini van sitting in the back seat just staring through the window while the other dogs were jumping for attention. I looked at my wife and we said that’s him he’s our dog. He was raggedy looking but we had fallen in love with him. We talked to Gail and she said ok let’s have you guys fill out the adoption papers, while we give him a shower, and before we knew it he was in our Chevy Avalanche looking through the window and enjoying the ride back to Salinas.

When we adopted him we really didn’t know much about him, we didn’t know what his past was like and what he was like other than he had been picked up as a stray in Bakersfield. Now we know he likes to watch the Harry Potter movies, he is good with small dogs, we have three little Chihuahuas and they’re his best friends, go on a bike run every now and then, that he is extremely smart, and he is able to turn off light switches. Yea it’s hard to believe but he has learned to do that.

He is currently on his way to becoming a therapy dog. Norsled, thank you for giving Avalanche a second chance at life. We will keep you informed as to when Avalanche finally gets his therapy dog license and send you a copy of it as well. From the bottom of our hearts thanks to every one who is involved with Norsled and everyone who made this possible.



Kona at HomeI know it’s been a while, but I wanted to share a picture of our baby. We adopted him in November 2009 from Norsled when his name was Takoda. Since our daughter’s name is Dakota, we decided to change his name to Kodiak…Kodi for short. We had an older husky (14 years) at the time and Kodi was so gentle with him. Unfortunately, we had to put our older dog down in June of 2010. It was really sad & took a while for Kodi adjust, but he’s done so well.

Kodi is super friendly and is always happy to greet visitors when they come into our home. Once you start to pet him, he goes belly up & loves to have his tummy rubbed. His energy keeps our family very entertained. He loves toys that squeak & likes to chew rawhides. The greatest thing about Kodi is that even though he came to us in need of some manners, he has proved to be a great companion. He loves kids & people in general. Although he has surpassed the 80 pound mark, he still thinks he’s a “lap dog” & won’t hesitate to do a somersault right in your lap when he wants some attention.

Bottom line is…we love him!!! And I’m pretty sure he feels the same about our family. Thank you, Norsled! The work you do is unbeleivable!



Kona at HomeI felt drawn to Millie the first time I set eyes on her. She emotionally opened the doors for me to love another dog, since I lost mine seven years before. She has been my co-pilot ever since. My favorite part of the day is spending time with her hiking and going to dog parks.

My boyfriend and I spend our weekends taking her on road trips to the snow, dog beaches, camping, and even restaurants that offer dog menus! I couldn’t image my life with out her. I am thankful to Norsled because with out this organization none of this would have been possible.



Kona at HomeMarcie has been with us for about two months and in that time, she has become another Norsled success story. With her playmate, Snowcap, she has energized our whole family with her playfulness, companionship, and love. After losing his companion to old age, Snowcap missed the love and friendship of his pal.

Marcie has re-energized him and the two of them are now inseparable. The images show them having a great time on a beautiful winter day on a dock at Donner Lake. They both love the snow and exhibit all the traits that sled dogs are supposed to show. We could not ask for a better addition to our family. Thanks again to the wonderful and caring organization and the people of Norsled that spend so much of their time and energy rescuing these magnificent dogs. Marcie and Snowcap want to thank all of you for giving them a wonderful life.



Kona at HomeLoretta and I have been blessed to have Snowcap come into our lives since March, 2008. Woody, our Lab mix had passed and Patty his sister was alone and sad. Enter our new friend . He has made our family whole again and given us countless hours of love and companionship. He has bonded well with Patty and even his cat sister Sally.

He is always up for a new adventure and travels well between Yosemite and Lake Tahoe. He truly is in his element in the snow and just floats over it with amazing agility and quickness. We have had many dogs in our lives and Snowcap is the latest in furry friends that give to us far more than we can ever give to him.

Thank you Norsled for all you do and allowing Snowcap to become a member our family.

Best wishes,Larry and Loretta