Mailing Address:

Northern California Sled Dog Rescue (NorSled)
PO Box 30877
Walnut Creek, CA 94598





We are all volunteers at NorSled and many of us have full time jobs. So please be patient and we will return your call/email as soon as possible.


If you cannot keep your dog, please click on the rehoming link for suggestions on what to do.  Unfortunately our first priority is to save dogs in shelters who are about to be euthanized.  We are usually way over our limit of dogs, so may not be able to help.   It is important to read the rehoming sheet to see our recommendations.

For more information click on the Rehoming Link :  ReHoming Your Dog

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO IF YOU FIND A STRAY DOG?molumen_happy_running_dog


Several times a week we get emails from folks who have found a husky and don’t want to take it to the shelter. Although it is hard taking a dog and leaving it at the shelter, it is the best thing to do. If the owner is looking for the dog, this is the first place they will go. If the dog is tucked away in your home how is the owner to know where it is? Even if you put up flyers around your neighborhood you don’t know how far the dog has travelled and the owner may never see your flyers. 

Please take the dog to the nearest shelter and let us know as much information as possible. Many of the shelters do work with NorSled if there is an available husky/malamute that has not been claimed by it’s guardian. NorSled will not take a dog that is not legally yours. We have to follow the legal channel which is if the animal is not claimed from the shelter by the owner and is placed for adoption, at that point we can then step in. 

Email NorSled at or call 800-471-5822. Note that the phone line is a voice mail service, and may take 48-72 hours for an answer. If you need immediate help with placing a dog, please contact your local shelter.

If you have a Nordic breed dog who needs placing, and it is spayed or neutered, you can post for free at Click on “Add-A-Dog”, then upload a picture, write up, and contact information. We recommend you ask for an adoption fee – people value a dog more if they pay for it.